Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I cant help but wonder about the nature of these two unnamed unstudied unsynthesized and generally unknown (tentative) psychostimulants - and by "wonder about the nature" i mean to say "obsess over the possibility" that they will be the most earth shatteringly powerful stimulants known to man which will usher in a new and sleepless era of hyperproductivity and total self-realization.

the molecule on the left is an analog of desoxypipradrol featuring the notorious 3,4-dicholoro substitution which sextuples the potency of methylphenidate, when added to the already perfect desoxypipradrol it could produce a stimulant fully active in the tens of micrograms.

the molecule on the right is the alpha-propyl homolog of buphedrone, elongating the alpha substituent in cathinones causes an increase in potency (the opposite effect is seen amphetamines) so one could imagine this chemical having a dosage in the general league of MDPV (whose subjective effects are toxic and miserable) but with no concern over a pro-oxidant dihydroxy conjugation ready metabolite (is that a legit concern ive never been sure?) i think its name should be penthedrone which has a nice ring to it - and im done.