Monday, February 28, 2011


I have been attempting to contact the renowned arylcyclohexylamine chemist and author of this review who went by the name "John Q. Beagle" or "hms_beagle" simply "Beagle". He is known for writing a piece on the synthesis of 4-MeO-PCP that sparked a great deal of discussion regarding the compound's potency and duration, he was also a contributor to Rhodium where he wrote about the chemistry of dialkyltryptamines and adrenochrome. Given his level of expertise I would not be surprised if he is currently developing legitimate pharmaceutical NMDA-antagonists. I am aware he could once be reached at but that address has since become invalid. If anyone who is Beagle, or was Beagle, or knows Beagle, reads this and wishes to point me in his direction it would be greatly appreciated. 

Monday, February 21, 2011


A passenger, sterilized in body and mind (lest he bring into our great land either Asian flu or Asian ideas), pumped full of vitamins and videotapes, will be able to move from city to city, from continent to continent, from planet to planet––with ever-increasing speed and security. And the vision of all this phenomenally efficient, solicitous machinery is supposed to take our breath away, so that we never get around to asking what exactly is gained by these lightening-fast peregrinations. Such speeds used to be too much for our old, animal body; travel from hemisphere to hemisphere, when too sudden, would disrupt its circadian rythmn. But, fortunately, a drug has been found to nullify that disruption. True, the drug sometimes causes depression, but there are other drugs to raise your spirits. They do cause heart disease. But, then, one can insert polyethylene tubes into the coronary arteries to prevent them from clogging.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


...humanity is a hunchback who, in ignorance of the fact that it is possible not to be hunchbacked, for thousands of years has sought an indication of Higher Necessity in his hump, because he will accept any theory but the one that says his deformity is purely accidental, that no one bestowed it upon him as part of a master plan, that it serves absolutely no purpose, for the thing was determined by the twists and turns of anthropogenesis.