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*With some excised moments from the original transcript, for the loyal eighty-odd followers of my blog. 
Hamilton Morris, Prophet of Pharmacology

Hamilton Morris is a young writer, chemist and filmmaker. He is a wizard of pharmacology, a psychedelic explorer, a maestro of all things mind-altering. You may know Hamilton from his column in ViceHamilton's Pharmacopia, where he writes about rare drugs and their effects to a fanatical degree. He is also the man behind the VBS documentary series of the same name. In his most recent doc, NZAMBI, Hamilton travels to Port-au-Prince to investigate the strange phenomenon of the Haitian zombie; the film follows his quest to procure the secret formula for the potion used in Vodou zombification rituals. But this is merely one of Hamilton's many curious and magical adventures, as he shared with us recently when we paid him a visit at home.

KARLEY SCIORTINO: What's your most prized possession?

HAMILTON MORRIS: I once owned a stick coated with Phyllomedusa bicolor skin secretions given to me by a Mayoruna Indian chief, but it was thrown away by a dyslexic Craigslist prostitute who I used to live with. He thought it was a piece of trash. I also have a diagram of the DiPT molecule drawn and signed by Alexander Shulgin, and on one occasion I traded a small quantity of crystalline psychotridine for a lion's eardrum.

SCIORTINO: If you had to name a favorite drug...

MORRIS: That is an impossible question, as there are different materials for different occasions. I have a deep affection for DiPT, a psychedelic, and pramiracetam, a nootropic. And several others, which I probably should not mention—I'm being a bit vanilla, so forgive me.

SCIORTINO: Your house is a bit disorderly, you do not have sheets on your bed, there is some mold growing in your bathroom, and you claim not to shower often. Is personal hygiene something that is important to you?

MORRIS: Cleaning is the ultimate Sisyphean task; you sweep the motes of dust into the air, where they fall back down to the ground. It makes me feel like a cartoon character to sweep, like I am a Sim-person sweeping Sim-dust. The same goes for sheets and pillowcases. One must ask oneself the question, who is protecting who from what? Am I protecting my face from the pillow or the pillow from my face, and regardless of the answer, how is a pillowcase the solution? What protects the pillowcase? Why not put a pillowcase-case over the pillowcase, why not sleep in a Russian doll of recursive protective linens, why not put on successive pairs of underwear until I turn into the Mandelbrot set? This is mise en abyme; it is a recipe for madness that can be avoided with the understanding that the pillow is already encased, the mattress is already covered, and the dust is seemingly governed by Aristotelian spontaneous generation and no amount of sweeping will ever eliminate it.

SCIORTINO: Is there a scientific explanation as to why smoking weed before sex make me cum harder?

MORRIS: There are no published scientific papers on the effects of weed on female libido, and THC does not directly stimulate any of the neurochemical pathways that are thought to arouse women, things like D3 and 5HT1A receptor agonism or testosterone elevation or melanocortin modulation. Indeed the only paper on the subject indicates THC decreases libido, at least in male mice, so there is probably a more complex psychological-cum-psychedelic mechanism at play. Maybe it’s the animalistic dank pheromonal musk of the sticky nugg, the sizzle and pop of the red cystolith hairs as they slowly, sensuously burn. The paradoxical combination of analgesia and entactogenesis, but I don’t smoke weed, so I can’t say.

SCIORTINO: If you could offer one lesson to the recreational-drug-taking population, what would it be?

MORRIS: Simply because you take drugs does not mean you are an expert on them. In fact, there seems to be an inverse relationship between drug consumption and drug knowledge: more of the former results in less of the latter. If that seems obvious, you have probably gone easy on the former, though this relationship only applies to curious people who are seriously interested in drugs. But it can never hurt to do some basic research: start with Google Scholar and work from there. I say this not out of snide condescension, but out of love—love for you, and most importantly love of knowledge and the pursuit of truth.

SCIORTINO: Of the drugs you have tried, which have you found most erotic?

MORRIS: There was a designer sildenafil analogue, I believe it was sulfoaildenafil, marketed under the brand name Stiff Nights, which resulted in a few days of sub-clinical priapism—not exactly sure if that was erotic.

SCIORTINO: You own a lot of books by David Foster Wallace. What is it that you love about him?

MORRIS: I love DFW with a burning passion. He is one of very few writers that approach something close to the way humans think. That is to say, his writing is psychedelic in the etymological sense—it is mind-manifesting. His low latent inhibition, his maximalist style, it's exciting in a way few things are—literary or otherwise. As a result there will be a backlash against him, DFW will become uncool, because the postmodern paradigm must be burned for new growth to spring from its stylistic ashes, but replacing literary postmodernism is, of course, a hopelessly postmodern task and maybe it's best not to discuss this. Maybe we should all become slam poets.

That said, I have pre-ordered The Pale King on Amazon and I eagerly await the moment it arrives in my mailbox in mid April 2011.

SCIORTINO: You spend a lot of time in the library. I find libraries to be rather sexually stimulating. Would you agree?

MORRIS: There was a Russian cult of eunuchs known as the Skoptsy who were renowned for their proficiency as mathematicians, bankers, and moneylenders. Outsiders called them rapacious but this was simply their jealousy speaking—when one is freed from sexual desire, or sexual desire is transmuted into work, suddenly the world becomes engorged with possibilities. I envy the asceticism of the Skoptsy and wish I could attain a similar level of removal from the carnal temptations of the moment, but those gonadal androgenic hormones are crucial for hippocampal neurogenesis, so I can't justify auto-castration just yet. Although, I have gone to library every day for the last three years, most nights sleeping on the floor using my shoe as a pillow, so that's a start.

SCIORTINO: What are some of the questions you are regularly asked, or topics that are regularly raised by your admirers via fan-mail Facebook messages and e-mails?

MORRIS: One person recently asked me, and I quote, "It's possible pulverizer marijuana for later snort?" I always answer to the best of my abilities. Once an anesthesiologist and dog breeder offered me a prize-winning Russkiy Toy, which I appreciated enormously, but then I got greedy and asked if I could have propofol instead. I have had people who deal in psychoactive chemicals ask to pay me as a consultant, to keep them abreast of various trends in the designer drugs and pipeline pharmaceuticals—but that kind of gray-market business is not for me.

SCIORTINO: Do you hope to be remembered, and for what?

MORRIS: On one hand I have great literary and artistic aspirations, but being remembered for anything is an accomplishment, even if it is ingesting the world's largest quantity of semen or being struck by lightning the greatest number of times.

SCIORTINO: And lastly, does taking drugs automatically make a person cool?

MORRIS: No. Doing drugs is like anything else—predicated on taste, refinement, dignity, distinction, and originality. Cocaine is not cool, because it makes people act cartoonishly fiendish, and that is undignified. But when you get into more obscure territory, matters of cool become unclear. Is intraocular temazepam injection "cool?" Well, it's unusual and by virtue of its unusualness, interesting, and by virtue of its interestingness, cool—if one were to follow that chain of propositions.

Self-destruction is only as cool as it is novel. There is nothing cool about consuming ten-dollar drinks at whatever incredibly loud bar with the vague hope that you will be photographed and vanity-stroked on a blog the next day, but if I throw hydrochloric acid on my face and blame it on an imaginary black woman in a Starbucks parking lot, that may be cool.

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Socrates: I have let my dog lick my pussy many times, and everytime, his BIG penis comes out. How would it feel if I put his penis inside me? 

Plato: I have already had my pussy licked by my G/Fs dogs a couple of times, and it was wonderful. A while ago, I was out in the barn, watching our stallion mount 1 of the mares, and for some reason, it got me excited. I sat down on a bale of hay, pulled my panties off, and was feeling, and then fingering myself, when our St. Bernard came into the barn, I guess he had smelled me, as I was getting pretty wet. He came over to me, and started sniffing, and I spread my legs, (I had taken my panties off by then) the next thing I knew, that long, rough textured tongue, was inside me.

Socrates: But girl, did you get off? 

Plato: OMG I went off like a rocket, he kept licking, and I kept cumming, and after a few times, I got down on all fours (I couldn’t seem to help myself), and he mounted me. He was already clear out of his sheath, and fully swollen, and about 7 or 8” long. When he went into me, he went all the way in, it was magnificent. If you’ve ever seen a dog humping, they go much faster, and much harder than a man, until they knot, and when that knot swelled inside me, (and it does swell, OMG it fills you up completely, and their right, you can’t get off of them) it was instantly, pressing against my G Spot, The sensation was endless, and out of this world. He just stood there while he was cumming inside me, it felt so fantastic, and so damn hot, squirting against my cervex, and with that fantastic pressure on my G Spot, and I started to cum, and I must have cum 4 or 5 times while he had me knotted, and when he finished, and pulled it out of me, his cum just gushed out of me. OMG they cum 4 times as much as a man, and it felt a lot hotter inside me.

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Denying the antecedent:

If P, then Q.
Not P.
Therefore, not Q

If there is TTX in the powder, there are zombies in Haiti.
There is not TTX in the powder.
Therefore, there are not zombies in Haiti.

Modus tollens:

If P, then Q.
Not Q.
Therefore, not P.

If there is TTX in the powder, there are zombies in Haiti.
There are not zombies in Haiti.
Therefore, there is no TTX in the powder.

Modus ponens:

If P, then Q.
Therefore, Q.

If there is TTX in the powder, there are zombies in Haiti.
There is TTX in the powder.
Therefore, there are zombies in Haiti.

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Whenever I attempt to classify the vague, quasi-tranparent, clarifying effects of piracetam -- the best comparison I can make is low dose nicotine. Although I was aware that piracetam and other members of the racetam family modulate the cholinergic system in a variety of ways (some through direct agonism of the nicotinic AChR) I had never considered any direct structural similarities between the classes.

Much of nicotine's pro-cognitive, nootropic, memory-enhancing properties are a product of its primary metabolite, cotinine. So I was amazed to find that cotinine shares the methylpyrrolidone nucleus of the racetam family. The nitrogen in piracetam's ethylamine side chain could even overlap cotinine's nitrogen in the pyridine ring. There's an enormous number of cotinine/piracetam hybrids that are totally unexplored. The only pyridine containing racetam I'm aware of is Nicoracetam, which pulls up nothing on google scholar, in fact I can find no mention of it outside wikipedia, so I'm not even sure why it has an entry.

I would be especially interested in a simple pyridine substitutions on the side chain, or conformationally constrained tricyclics or, heck, why not throw on a 4-phenyl and alpha methyl and make it an amphetamine, nicotine, piracetam chimera! I'm aware it probably wouldn't retain the positive effects of any in the three. Still, I would be surprised if there weren't a winner somewhere in the midst...

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Perhaps the the most improbable twitter. Whenever I read Garner's I phantasize about what his text massages must look like, I suppose this is the closest one can get without snagging his digits.

Anti-intellectualism has always been "cool" to most Americans, but Diesel is taking things a mite far with its new ad campaign: "Be stupid."
2:12 PM Sep 25th via txt

If you'll look at these Diesel ads (Google "diesel be stupid") you'll be appalled and aghast at how kids are being indoctrinated. What t ...
2:15 PM Sep 25th via txt

Diesel would love it if over-30s vehemently objected: their stuff would just become "cooler." Sad.
2:17 PM Sep 25th via txt

My overlong tweet ended suggestively "What t..." It was to be "What to do?" BAG
2:18 PM Sep 25th via txt

Brian A. Garner

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Chemicals which induce the release of hydrogen sulfide, increase endogenous production of hydrogen sulfide, or somehow yield hydrogen sulfide as a metabolic byproduct...? Besides, of course, hydrogen sulfide.

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"And if, as we have seen, the most intelligent of them did not delude themselves about the materialist origins of their prejudice against the Mulattoes, we yet will make a great mistake if we think that they were hypocrites when they claimed that a white skin guaranteed to the owner superior abilities and entitled him to a monopoly of the best that the colony afforded."
- C.L.R. James

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And on we raced, hurling watchdogs against doorsteps, curling them under our burning tires like collars under a flatiron. Death, domesticated, met me at every turn, gracefully holding out a paw, or once in a while hunkering down, making velvety caressing eyes at me from every puddle.

→→‘Let’s break out of the horrible shell of wisdom and throw ourselves like pride-ripened fruit into the wide, contorted mouth of the wind! Let’s give ourselves utterly to the Unknown, not in desperation but only to replenish the deep wells of the Absurd!’

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Wovon man nicht sprechen kann, darüber muss man schweigen.

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But with irony quote the phenomenon is not the essence but the opposite of the essence unquote page 264. The object is deprived of its reality by what I have said about it. Regarded in an ironical light, the object shivers, shatters, disappears. Irony is thus destructive and what Kierkegaard worries about a lot is that irony has nothing to put in the place of what it has destroyed. The new actuality--what the ironist has said about the object--is peculiar in that it is a comment upon a former actuality rather than a new actuality.

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I'm seriously fucking peeved about how few synthetic cannabinoids incorporate a 2-methoxyphenyl moiety. Admittedly, JWH-250 is kind of boring but the same holds true for JWH-018, JWH-081, and JWH-200. JWH-073 is the only one of these compounds which warrants (calculatedly) risking ones health - as it is truly a powerful psychedelic catalyst which surpasses Δ9-THC in every possible way - if not for that pesky (putative) carcinogenic metabolite.

I have heard well informed people say that they think, in terms of carcinogenicity, the napthalene moiety is a red herring, but why? If napthalene is not to blame then what is? Regardless, when one exchanges a 2-methoxyphenyl for napthalene the decrease in potency and binding at CB1 is modest enough that there is really no reason to continue using and selling these naphthyl compounds. In terms of subjective effects the N-butyl compounds like JWH-073 are superior to the more potent N-pentyls - so what about N-butyl JWH-250? I'm sure Huffman has synthed it but I can't look up its numerical designation right now, what I do know is that it has never been sold. It would be only a hair less potent than JWH-073, the same goes for the WIN55212-x compounds which are unexplored and fertile territory and as far as I can tell have never undergone 3-methoxyphenyl substitution.

I wish there were more work done to elucidate the nuanced effects of these cannabinoids - sure affinity at CB1 is an important measure of potency but why are certain cannabinoids more colorful - or psychedelic - or stimulating? As technology stands such tests would require human consumption and a cannabinoid version of Pihkal would probably be very (very) redundant. But now that im getting really into the SAR of CB1 agonists I'm realizing what an insane ligand whore that receptor really is - there is no hope in creating tests to screen for them all - this is only the beginning!!!

Ah, so much work to be done...

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It has been hypothesized that all the worlds psychedelic tryptamines and phenethylamines were synthesized en masse and then divvied up globally sometime around 2002. It has also been hypothesized that forensic chemical fingerprinting could be used analyze trace impurities and prove this now - or in the near future. Lastly, It has been predicted that these global stores of phenethylamines with a primary amine will soon undergo the facile conversion to their secondary amine 2-methoxybenzylated counterparts.

The implications of this are obvious.

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I just went to the Marina Abramovic retrospective at MOMA, I was especially interested in a 1974 performance called RYTHM 2, which was described as follows:

I use my body for anexperimentI take the medicationused in hospitals for thetreatment of acute catatoniaand schizophrenia, and putmy body in an unpredictable

First part
Facing the audience, I take the first medication.This medication is given to patients who suffer from catatoniato force them to change the position of their bodies.Shortly after taking the medication, my muscles begin to
violently contract, until completely loosing control. 
First part: 15 minutes
There was a second part to the pharmacological performance but I did not transcribe the description, it entailed ingesting (what sounded like) a standard first generation antipsychotic like thorazine. Part one is much more interesting and mysterious, there was a photo of her in (what appeared to be) bruxismic agony, but I have absolutely no knowledge of the Yugoslavian pharmacopeia in the mid 70s (1974). As far as I know it could have been strychnine - but its seems odd for them to treat catatonia with some kind of pro-epileptic spasmodic drug, anti-epileptics are used for that purpose today. Does anyone have an idea of what the drug used in the first part of RYTHM 2 could have been?

I swear I've read that, as an alternative to ECT, seizures are induced chemically instead of electrically in europe - but I cant find the source or names of the drugs used to induce a therapeutic seizure...

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Socrates: Tell me about the "40 Loads" event. How have you collected these loads? How have you prepared yourself for swallowing so much cum and what was the feeling after swallowing it?

Plato: Well, my boyfriend pretty much "secretly" froze 40 loads of cum over about 6 weeks and then told me he wanted to do a bukkake-style cumdrinking video. No facials, just me gulping down those 40 cum shots. At that time I had already drunk 10 loads at once and I knew that it was harder than it sounded. Anyway, he expected me to say no so he was thrilled to bits when I said that I'd do it. The ugly truth behind that video is, that I managed to keep the 40 loads down for about 20 maybe 30 minutes before I threw up. I was proud to have lasted that long :)

Socrates: Is there some change of cum-taste after being frozen?

Plato: Absolutely. I'd rather have it fresh from the tap than frozen. Cum loses all its gooey texture once you freeze it and flavor's affected as soon as the cum is exposed to air. It degrades rather quickly. Cum tastes best when it's warm and you can swallow it right away. It tends to go a little bitter right after it cools down and reacts with oxygen, I guess, I'm not a chemist. Don't get me wrong, I will drink thawed cum and I will lick cold cum off a plate or off the floor or whatever, it's just not as good then as it could be.

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Philosophy will clip an Angel’s wings,
Conquer all mysteries by rule and line,
Empty the haunted air, and gnomed mine—
Unweave a rainbow, as it erewhile made
The tender-person’d Lamia melt into a shade.

- John Keats, 1884

Left to itself, free in the poorest sense of the word (where liberty is only impotence), inasmuch as its legacy as the first condition of existence was the task of dissipating and annihilating mythological phantasms, nothing could keep science from blindly emptying the universe of its human content. But it is possible to use it to limit its own movement and to situate beyond its own limits what it will never attain, that before which it becomes an unsuccessful effort and a vague, sterile being.

- Geroges Bataille, 1936

I see miracles all around me
Stop and look around, it’s all astounding
Water, fire, air and dirt
Fucking magnets, how do they work?
And I don’t wanna talk to a scientist

Y’all motherfuckers lyin, and gettin me pissed!

- Insane Clown Posse, 2010

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peter sutherland put together this incredible show which seems to feature everybody on the planet. there was also a book made out of it which i have not yet seen.


the dioxane analog of methylphenidate has never been synthesized to my knowledge, im amazed a pharmaceutical can be allowed onto the market without a more extensive survey of its analogs - what if ethylphenidate is more efficacious? what about propylphenidate? why is it methylphenidate instead of methoxyphenidate? the oxygens would be constrained in the dioxane analog, but i dont know how much movement there is in the first place. what about the phenethylamine analog of phencyclidine? how does DAT inhibition change with tertiary and secondary amines? what about the benzocyclobutyl analog of mescaline, what about dicyclopropyltryptamine, what about DOB-DFLY with one of the oxygens replaced with a nitrogen making it half benzofuran half indole - indole fly?

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hamilton-with-mushroomsMaurice Hamilton is that jerk who know the texts of penisovidnite hallucinogenic mushrooms, mescaline nadrusanite with Jews, anti-drug and Icelandic magical piece about Fashion Week. He is 22, a biochemistry graduate and lives in Manhattan (and beyond the gates of perception). Each text is a story about Hamm monstrous abuse situations and entertaining information on drugs firsthand. No way - can not, and relate to it!

How the hell end up in Vice?
Several years ago I fought with severe addiction to refrigerant, a chemical which is used for cooling in air conditioners. I learned to open them with a screwdriver and had sufficient refrigerant for 10, maybe 15 strong nadrusvaniya. Needless to say, that once tried, you can never quit. I went to the house of friends and while they were in the bathroom, I opened my air conditioners them izdrusvah refrigerant and then lie to them that have deteriorated "in itself". I was desperate. I saw friends and family just as my ticket to more air conditioners. Jesse Pearson, the U.S. editor of Vice, to intervene and possibly owe their lives to him because he told me that if I stopped to beat air conditioners will give me a job.
Who was the first experiment with drugs?
So he smoked salvia, but I had her turn on him because there was no finger of his left hand. I encourage everyone to start to grow this very important plant!
The whole time there to engage in such crazy things? Is that your daily life?
Spend much time in the wild drinking Spirulina, which is used against malnutrition (called Green Vibrance and also recommend it!), I take antidepressants like crazy, which inherited from my dead dog, read books about crazy Biochemistry and try to cure psoriasis mad on his head ...
Add a story which not published anywhere.
Once Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year - line.) Traveled by a Jewish sect, hasidisti (pietistichno Jewish movement - line.) Who hid hundreds of doses of mescaline in the horn. Beat in a synagogue and unanimously decided to move to another building through the roof using a rope made of prayer shawls. Was one of our horns you do some more and began to vomit uncontrollably. Suddenly all started to vomit and the whole wall was in Cactus sinegogata vomit. Even Jehovah discharged (JVHV) with vomiting.
Have you ever arrested?
Yes. I actually arrested a few times. Once many sofistitsiranoto offense that crushed a house and wrote "drink semen 'on the wall.
What are you most afraid of?
Mutation of the HIV virus, which will allow him to be held in salivation glands of mosquitoes and the HIV epidemic will lead to humanity. This is really bad. Moreover, I cook a lot of his scrape Teflon pans and although I understand that this is not a big deal, something that worries me deeply Teflon.
Who can not touch shit?
Cigarettes, alcohol, heroin, cocaine ... it will always seem problematic.
Which is your favorite poison?

Something you do not try, but you frantic?
Aromatic secretion of sperm whales, which protects the intestinal casing may not be torn by razor sharp tentacles of giant squid. It is said that secret (it is valuable as gold) has the properties of heavy-duty analgesic and aphrodisiac. I can not share his name, but really excited by it. Moreover, interested and some peptides in the venom of the platypus.
How often trump whiff?
Rarely. Wait to synthesize water-soluble cannabinoids - something with the power of crack, if I understand ...
What music you running?
I entered into ethno electronics chiylaut beats, World Music, things that I act as a soothing massage. I like the group Deep Forest, especially the song "Sweet Lullaby" - the original and the remix with Eniya.
Add a recipe for a hangover?
Do not drink alcohol! Valium or use small amounts of alcohol - also tested technique (benzodiazepines savagely spectacular intensify alcohol - ed). Anyway - too much water paratsetamolat too. But to me it is not so - up and shout Carpe diem! (live today - in Latin), half an hour one mill pear tree, meditate and teach him the principles of the game.
How do you want to die?
Same, from an overdose of antibiotics masturbate while a picture of Tara Reid. If possible, find me where I want to make me rich in minerals into a watercourse, which should be petrified. If this is not possible, can I freeze in an ice block or at least let me eat dogs - there are so many possibilities.