Monday, October 11, 2010


Perhaps the the most improbable twitter. Whenever I read Garner's I phantasize about what his text massages must look like, I suppose this is the closest one can get without snagging his digits.

Anti-intellectualism has always been "cool" to most Americans, but Diesel is taking things a mite far with its new ad campaign: "Be stupid."
2:12 PM Sep 25th via txt

If you'll look at these Diesel ads (Google "diesel be stupid") you'll be appalled and aghast at how kids are being indoctrinated. What t ...
2:15 PM Sep 25th via txt

Diesel would love it if over-30s vehemently objected: their stuff would just become "cooler." Sad.
2:17 PM Sep 25th via txt

My overlong tweet ended suggestively "What t..." It was to be "What to do?" BAG
2:18 PM Sep 25th via txt

Brian A. Garner

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