Tuesday, May 7, 2013


James Arthur (aka James Dugovic or James Dugovic Arthur) was an infamous lay ethnomycologist and author of Mushrooms and Mankind, a book I find interesting for reasons entirely separate from Arthur's original intention. Mushrooms and Mankind serves as a timeless testament to the power of pareidolia in the wishful male psychomycophile, there are few other published works that indulge such freewheeling speculation in an effort to prove the central role of mushrooms in human history. 

But even more interesting than Mushrooms and Mankind is the issue of James Arthur's pedophilia. I am a proficient Google searcher (an exceedingly rare skill) and so I've read discussions of the topic posted on the Shroomery and various other mushroom and psychedelic interest forums. I have also seen his mugshot and the formal listing of his crimes including: 

*Lewd or lascivious acts with a child under 14 years
*Assault to commit mayhem, rape, etc.
*Continuous sexual abuse of a child
*Oral copulation with a person under 14 years
*Oral copulation with force

I am posting this because I am looking for detailed information on James Arthur's sex crimes, either in the form of a police incident report, an arrest affidavit, a case disposition report, or similar. There is a wealth of anecdotal and second-hand information but I am looking for verifiable first-hand reports and formal documentation.