Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Poem: Wild Rabbit.
There was a wild Rabbit whose purpose was to be free.
He roamed from land to land, and traveled endlessly.
He could never sit still, cause he belonged to the earth.
He never took a second, to think of what freedom was worth.
Then one day he was captured, and placed in a cage.
Constantly trying to escape, he kicked in a violent rage.
Only to tire himself, because the cage was secure.
Slowly going insane, he’d never be free again, he was sure.
His captor tried to feed him, so he bit his hand.
But when he was starved for a week, he never attacked him again.
All of the rabbits pride and courage, slowly went away.
Feeling hopeless, now in a cage, he’s happy to stay.
Then one day his captor, let him free from his cage.
He walked to freedom, looked around and thought of past days.
He listened to the sounds, of wild animals calling.
Watched birds swoop from the trees, while dead leaves were falling.
Then he thought of all the dangerous predators of the land.
And returned to the cage where he was captured by the man.
His spirits were broken…there was no courage to flee.
Being imprisoned so long, how could he survive the world being free.
His meals were brought to him everyday…being free he never knew what layed,
Ahead of him in life…so in his cage he decided to stay!
A prisoner by man…unfamiliar with the land.
He’d never learn how to bond with his own kind again!!!! (The End)

A 3XL entertainment original by Antron Singleton AKA Big Lurch

Friday, January 7, 2011


All the bizarre characters who attended told me my poetry sucked...I told them to fuck off. But inside I knew that nobody really likes poetry anyway and that their advice was right.
-Marilyn Manson