Friday, April 23, 2010


peter sutherland put together this incredible show which seems to feature everybody on the planet. there was also a book made out of it which i have not yet seen.


the dioxane analog of methylphenidate has never been synthesized to my knowledge, im amazed a pharmaceutical can be allowed onto the market without a more extensive survey of its analogs - what if ethylphenidate is more efficacious? what about propylphenidate? why is it methylphenidate instead of methoxyphenidate? the oxygens would be constrained in the dioxane analog, but i dont know how much movement there is in the first place. what about the phenethylamine analog of phencyclidine? how does DAT inhibition change with tertiary and secondary amines? what about the benzocyclobutyl analog of mescaline, what about dicyclopropyltryptamine, what about DOB-DFLY with one of the oxygens replaced with a nitrogen making it half benzofuran half indole - indole fly?