Thursday, January 28, 2010


What would happen if LSD and DMT explored "the erotic" and give birth to a child?

Conformationally constrained tryptamine analogs. Can we talk? Why was the last paper on this topic published in 1967? Why are we not all basking in the glory of 1,3,4,5-tetrahydrobenzoindoles? The above structure is a hybrid btw LSD and DMT, its affinity for the 5HT2a receptor is significantly less than that of LSD but a bit more than DMT, it may have oral activity, and it should be planar as heck! Well you know the world of speculative pharmacology is highly unsatisfying (total pharmacoblueballs) and all things must be tested in the human animal but wow - throw on an N,N-diethyl substituent, or a N-methyl,N-isopropyl sub and you're in business - you dig?

catch you on the flip side.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


in the borges story death and the compass the final murder, which was supposed to occur on the forth point of a rhombus, is actually executed on the third point of an equilateral triangle. oddly, there is no way a fourth point added to an equilateral triangle can yield a rhombus* an equilateral triangle can compose half of a four sided polygon or at best a trapazoid, but a rhombus is composed of two isosceles triangles joined at the base, so thats my first confusion. my second confusion is in regards to the final shape the detective wishes to be executed upon in his next incarnation. the shape is drawn out above, a line segment starting at A with death occurring at D. what is the significance of this shape, is it referenced in kabbalistic literature? is it nonsensical (doubtful)?

*im defining rhombus as a four sided parallelogram without 90 degree angles, im aware certain definitions allow a
square to be a rhombus but that seems redic

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


i would like to stop for a moment to propose a new word:
pharmacognate ˌfärməˈkägˌnāt
1 Pharmacology (of a molecule) having a structural resemblance to its biological target on a macroscopic level: Prostaglandin E1 looks like an erect penis.
the crucial point in the above example is that Prostaglandin E1 looks like an erect penis* AND is used to treat erectile dysfunction. etymologically, pharma is from the latin pharmaceuticus "of drugs" & cognateis from cognatus "of common descent." i could probably think of a better word to suit this definition. not that it really matters because pharmacognate is almost never needed and is ultimately a useless example of pareidolia** furthermore when you consider many molecules are structurally flexible with rotating bonds it becomes an even more useless term (not that a molecular diagram is in any way an accurate representation of the "actual" molecule in the first place).

nonetheless, certain molecular diagrams do resemble various things, related or unrelated to their behavior. heroin looks like a horseshoe crab, imipramine looks like a kite, MDAI looks like something btw a larva and a bow-tie. they may be shapes in the clouds, man, but that does not mean their shouldn't be a poorly chosen word to describe (a minority of) them!

*with a hydroxylated urethra
** or is it?