Saturday, July 30, 2011


SOCRATES: around my town is usually nothing but bunk pills and they are very expensive. So i call up my cousin from out of town to ask if he can get any good pills and how cheap. Turns out he has good pills and very cheap. Awesome! So me and my girlfriend decide we will take $200 with us and pick up 20 pills. Well my cousin has a very nice house, very nice deck with a very nice hot tub on it, and it just so happens his parents are out of town. So i ask my cousin if he wants to roll with us and i offer him some of my pills. And so we decide to all 3 roll that night at his house.

PLATO: natch.

SOCRATES: Around 10pm we start drinking a little, drinking gets a little boring especially when you have bomb X waiting to be popped 11pm rolls around and we all pop one, change into our swimming suits and get in the hot tub. Things weren’t too lively as i don’t see or talk to my cousin very often so there is not much to talk about and it it pretty boring although relaxing in the hot tub outside listening to music. So we are all just sitting around in the hot tub waiting for the pills to kick in.

PLATO: you gotta be all waiting, this kid was all waiting lol. 

SOCRATES: As time goes on we all begin talking more and more about more and more personal things, like how my cousin is a virgin and how he can’t talk to girls very well and how hot he thinks my gf is, things of that sort. About and hour and a half after popping, My gf and cousin are already rolling amazingly as they are pretty new to E so they are talking away. I don’t feel much so i pop another and they also decide to take another. We all start rolling pretty good and talking about things and giving my gf massages and she giving us massages, when we decide to go get our sex dice out of the car. Sounds like fun right? I mean sure im open for anything when im on E and what can i say my gf is a very attractive girl, long blond hair, nice full breasts, the perfect tan skin, flat stomach, super soft perfect legs and a hell of an ass. As my gf returns with the dice we start rolling them and pop all pop another pill. Me and my cousin suggest that my gf take off her top and of course, no objections from anybody due to the ecstasy, the music and just the general perfect atmosphere. So my cousin and I untie her top and suggest that she take off her panties too. LOL =D but she declines. I catch my cousin eyeing my girls breasts and hey i could care less im rolling right.


SOCRATES: My gf hands me the dice i roll a "Lick" and a "Inner thighs". So we proceed and my gf hands the dice to my cousin. "Massage" and "inner thighs" Whatever that’s cool, they both look at me like "i hope he doesnt get pissed". K, my turn, "Suck" and "Nipples" ok so i do it. My cousins turn, "Suck" and "Face", my gf goes "Im just gonna assume that means make out" and turns to start making out with him. He put his hands on her breasts when they were kissing and when they finished she said " I thought it only said Suck Face" lol.. No jealousy on my part, prob due most in part from the pretty pure ecstasy, i actually find it kind of hot that my cousin is so into my gf. As we continue to play on, i notice us all rolling super hard and getting pretty horny as my girlfriends bottoms are off, me and my cousin have already made out with her, sucked on her breasts, licked her down from head to toe lol and not to mention eating her out right in front of him. She let him suck on her nipples while i was down under the belt doing my thing. I look up and see my gf's eyes rolled in the back of her head as she is in pure bliss. My cousin mentions how he really wants to loose his virginity and asks if i would be angry if anything were to happen. Me angry on E? Doesn’t happen so, i approve as she is already sitting on his lap and his arms are around her squezing her breasts and things like that. My girlfirend takes a deep breath in, opens her mouth and lets out a moan and an "o wow" I cant tell whats going on under the water cuz all the jets are on so i move to start fingering my gf cuz hey we are all rolling ballz and horny as hell. As i reach to insert my fingers i find out that my cousin already has his junk half way in her so i say whatever and start making out with her and let him do his thing. After a few minutes of letting my cousin get comfortable with having sex with her and loosen her up a little, she tells me she wants me to join in as well, due to the fact that well i am her bf and all. Well im certainly not gay but sure ill give it a go, we are all so fucked up at this point.

PLATO: naw this kid isn't gay

SOCRATES: My gf doesnt do anal so we are both in the same hole goin at it. This feels pretty damn good, sex while rolling is the shit. Ive never seen such a look of pleasure on my gf's face. The moans from my gf get louder as my cousin says "Wo you better slow down" and my gf says "don’t stop im close". All i can say is that as soon as i felt her vagina tighten up and heard her say "Shit Im going!" and then feel her vagina start to fill with my cousins cum as he starts moaning and says "fuck, me too", it made me cum too which felt so amazing cuz we all went at the same time. It was probably the best and longest orgasm my girlfriend had ever had.

PLATO: yo the end! this kid is all “the end!”

Thursday, July 14, 2011


I am interested in conducting an experiment involving ultra-low amplitude sounds in an anechoic chamber using a microphone manufactured by Sanken called the MO-64, which is capable of recording the heartbeat of a snail. Unfortunately the MO-64 has been discontinued by Sanken, if anybody who possesses this microphone wishes to rent it out for a short period of time please contact me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Shaman grave gardian carved from a Fomitopsis officinalis sporophore

Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hello friends, I am currently working on an phenomenally complex research project that is mushrooming in size each day. I am looking for an intern or research assistant to help me with interview transcriptions and organization of archival material. Ideally this person would have some familiarity (or at least interest in) mycology, specifically psychomycology. Even more ideally this person would be a student at NYU, The New School, or Cooper Union's engineering school so they could work with me at the Bobst library, though much of the work will be conducted at the NY Public Library as well.

Why would anybody want to waste their glorious summer performing unpaid labor, you might ask. Well, in performing this labor you will be exposed to a wealth of extremely obscure information related to psychoactive mushrooms. Information, I can say with certainty, you would not be exposed to otherwise. Email me if you are interested.

Saturday, July 9, 2011


Philosopher's Stone
The New Age Philosopher's Stone
Rock Of Ages
Superfantastic Megagalactic “Stone Of The Ages”
Cosmic Camote
Comte Del Hongo
N’o Tsé

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Whilst I draw this fleeting breath––
When my eye-strings break in death––
When I soar through worlds unknown––
See Thee on Thy judgment-throne––
Rock of Ages, cleft for me,
Let me hide myself in Thee!