Sunday, July 10, 2011


Hello friends, I am currently working on an phenomenally complex research project that is mushrooming in size each day. I am looking for an intern or research assistant to help me with interview transcriptions and organization of archival material. Ideally this person would have some familiarity (or at least interest in) mycology, specifically psychomycology. Even more ideally this person would be a student at NYU, The New School, or Cooper Union's engineering school so they could work with me at the Bobst library, though much of the work will be conducted at the NY Public Library as well.

Why would anybody want to waste their glorious summer performing unpaid labor, you might ask. Well, in performing this labor you will be exposed to a wealth of extremely obscure information related to psychoactive mushrooms. Information, I can say with certainty, you would not be exposed to otherwise. Email me if you are interested.

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Martin @ Folk said...

You can not realize how much I wish I was living in NYC, was a student at NYU and read this more than a year ago. One can fantasize though. Peace to you Mr. Morris, you are a grande individual in the grande collective consciousness.