Friday, March 14, 2014


For several years I have been hunting for a copy of the last book by Richard Gutierrez (pseud. Rich Gee) titled Cubensis Aquarium Gardening, a book surpassed even by Guzman's legendary Psilocybe monograph in its elusiveness. (The latter book circulates in digital copies, the former appears to be entirely unavailable.) Cubensis Aquarium Gardening is listed as having been published in 1995 by Ars Obscura, yet when I contacted Ars Obscura to ask about the availability of reprints or remainders, they had no knowledge of the book. Although Cubensis Aquarium Gardening is listed for sale on a few websites, none of them actually stock it and no digital copies are available as far as I can tell. Cubensis Aquarium Gardening is only 35 pages long and was likely printed in a very limited edition, the only reference I can find to anyone actually having read it is from John Allen. 

I am aware the techniques offered in the book may be outdated or available elsewhere, I am simply interested in this book for its historical value and for images of early specimens of the Penis Envy cubensis variety.