Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Socrates: Tell me about the "40 Loads" event. How have you collected these loads? How have you prepared yourself for swallowing so much cum and what was the feeling after swallowing it?

Plato: Well, my boyfriend pretty much "secretly" froze 40 loads of cum over about 6 weeks and then told me he wanted to do a bukkake-style cumdrinking video. No facials, just me gulping down those 40 cum shots. At that time I had already drunk 10 loads at once and I knew that it was harder than it sounded. Anyway, he expected me to say no so he was thrilled to bits when I said that I'd do it. The ugly truth behind that video is, that I managed to keep the 40 loads down for about 20 maybe 30 minutes before I threw up. I was proud to have lasted that long :)

Socrates: Is there some change of cum-taste after being frozen?

Plato: Absolutely. I'd rather have it fresh from the tap than frozen. Cum loses all its gooey texture once you freeze it and flavor's affected as soon as the cum is exposed to air. It degrades rather quickly. Cum tastes best when it's warm and you can swallow it right away. It tends to go a little bitter right after it cools down and reacts with oxygen, I guess, I'm not a chemist. Don't get me wrong, I will drink thawed cum and I will lick cold cum off a plate or off the floor or whatever, it's just not as good then as it could be.


Some Guy said...

Sounds to me like Socrates has his head up his ass. Everyone knows there's nothing quite as refreshing as a cumsicle on a hot summer's day

Hamilton Morris said...

is socrates not the wisest of all men because he avers his own ignorance? never did socrates profess knowledge in the realm of quiescently frozen seminal fluid - he is but a humble seeker of truth.

Some Guy said...

My apologies. I was so excited about the word "cumsicle" that I accidentally wrote Socrates when I meant Plato.

Sleeve↓ said...

this just gave me the munchies