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hamilton-with-mushroomsMaurice Hamilton is that jerk who know the texts of penisovidnite hallucinogenic mushrooms, mescaline nadrusanite with Jews, anti-drug and Icelandic magical piece about Fashion Week. He is 22, a biochemistry graduate and lives in Manhattan (and beyond the gates of perception). Each text is a story about Hamm monstrous abuse situations and entertaining information on drugs firsthand. No way - can not, and relate to it!

How the hell end up in Vice?
Several years ago I fought with severe addiction to refrigerant, a chemical which is used for cooling in air conditioners. I learned to open them with a screwdriver and had sufficient refrigerant for 10, maybe 15 strong nadrusvaniya. Needless to say, that once tried, you can never quit. I went to the house of friends and while they were in the bathroom, I opened my air conditioners them izdrusvah refrigerant and then lie to them that have deteriorated "in itself". I was desperate. I saw friends and family just as my ticket to more air conditioners. Jesse Pearson, the U.S. editor of Vice, to intervene and possibly owe their lives to him because he told me that if I stopped to beat air conditioners will give me a job.
Who was the first experiment with drugs?
So he smoked salvia, but I had her turn on him because there was no finger of his left hand. I encourage everyone to start to grow this very important plant!
The whole time there to engage in such crazy things? Is that your daily life?
Spend much time in the wild drinking Spirulina, which is used against malnutrition (called Green Vibrance and also recommend it!), I take antidepressants like crazy, which inherited from my dead dog, read books about crazy Biochemistry and try to cure psoriasis mad on his head ...
Add a story which not published anywhere.
Once Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year - line.) Traveled by a Jewish sect, hasidisti (pietistichno Jewish movement - line.) Who hid hundreds of doses of mescaline in the horn. Beat in a synagogue and unanimously decided to move to another building through the roof using a rope made of prayer shawls. Was one of our horns you do some more and began to vomit uncontrollably. Suddenly all started to vomit and the whole wall was in Cactus sinegogata vomit. Even Jehovah discharged (JVHV) with vomiting.
Have you ever arrested?
Yes. I actually arrested a few times. Once many sofistitsiranoto offense that crushed a house and wrote "drink semen 'on the wall.
What are you most afraid of?
Mutation of the HIV virus, which will allow him to be held in salivation glands of mosquitoes and the HIV epidemic will lead to humanity. This is really bad. Moreover, I cook a lot of his scrape Teflon pans and although I understand that this is not a big deal, something that worries me deeply Teflon.
Who can not touch shit?
Cigarettes, alcohol, heroin, cocaine ... it will always seem problematic.
Which is your favorite poison?

Something you do not try, but you frantic?
Aromatic secretion of sperm whales, which protects the intestinal casing may not be torn by razor sharp tentacles of giant squid. It is said that secret (it is valuable as gold) has the properties of heavy-duty analgesic and aphrodisiac. I can not share his name, but really excited by it. Moreover, interested and some peptides in the venom of the platypus.
How often trump whiff?
Rarely. Wait to synthesize water-soluble cannabinoids - something with the power of crack, if I understand ...
What music you running?
I entered into ethno electronics chiylaut beats, World Music, things that I act as a soothing massage. I like the group Deep Forest, especially the song "Sweet Lullaby" - the original and the remix with Eniya.
Add a recipe for a hangover?
Do not drink alcohol! Valium or use small amounts of alcohol - also tested technique (benzodiazepines savagely spectacular intensify alcohol - ed). Anyway - too much water paratsetamolat too. But to me it is not so - up and shout Carpe diem! (live today - in Latin), half an hour one mill pear tree, meditate and teach him the principles of the game.
How do you want to die?
Same, from an overdose of antibiotics masturbate while a picture of Tara Reid. If possible, find me where I want to make me rich in minerals into a watercourse, which should be petrified. If this is not possible, can I freeze in an ice block or at least let me eat dogs - there are so many possibilities.




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IUPAC nomenclature, please

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