Monday, November 15, 2010


Socrates: I have let my dog lick my pussy many times, and everytime, his BIG penis comes out. How would it feel if I put his penis inside me? 

Plato: I have already had my pussy licked by my G/Fs dogs a couple of times, and it was wonderful. A while ago, I was out in the barn, watching our stallion mount 1 of the mares, and for some reason, it got me excited. I sat down on a bale of hay, pulled my panties off, and was feeling, and then fingering myself, when our St. Bernard came into the barn, I guess he had smelled me, as I was getting pretty wet. He came over to me, and started sniffing, and I spread my legs, (I had taken my panties off by then) the next thing I knew, that long, rough textured tongue, was inside me.

Socrates: But girl, did you get off? 

Plato: OMG I went off like a rocket, he kept licking, and I kept cumming, and after a few times, I got down on all fours (I couldn’t seem to help myself), and he mounted me. He was already clear out of his sheath, and fully swollen, and about 7 or 8” long. When he went into me, he went all the way in, it was magnificent. If you’ve ever seen a dog humping, they go much faster, and much harder than a man, until they knot, and when that knot swelled inside me, (and it does swell, OMG it fills you up completely, and their right, you can’t get off of them) it was instantly, pressing against my G Spot, The sensation was endless, and out of this world. He just stood there while he was cumming inside me, it felt so fantastic, and so damn hot, squirting against my cervex, and with that fantastic pressure on my G Spot, and I started to cum, and I must have cum 4 or 5 times while he had me knotted, and when he finished, and pulled it out of me, his cum just gushed out of me. OMG they cum 4 times as much as a man, and it felt a lot hotter inside me.


Some Guy said...

Ah, the classics...

Anonymous said...

My ex is a lesbian and this felt exactly like my castration as she dumped me.