Wednesday, February 2, 2011


...humanity is a hunchback who, in ignorance of the fact that it is possible not to be hunchbacked, for thousands of years has sought an indication of Higher Necessity in his hump, because he will accept any theory but the one that says his deformity is purely accidental, that no one bestowed it upon him as part of a master plan, that it serves absolutely no purpose, for the thing was determined by the twists and turns of anthropogenesis.


Anonymous said...

If you do enough acid you'll reach enlightenment. Mephedrone just makes all your cells orgasm simultaneously.

Hamilton Morris said...

What are you talking about? This is totally unrelated to drugs.

Anonymous said...

I don't even recall making that post.

Apologies for cluttering up the comments.

Anonymous said...

That is a nice piece though. I take it as the inability for most humans to take up to reality, while they trudge along their cultural avenues blinded by indoctrination into their society, and the ultimate conclusion of that which is where no one reaches their full potential and you have kind of impotent john doe in the world.

LMHC said...

I like this. Bullshit is a big part of the human condition. The hunchback is bullshitting himself.

The hunchback thinks hunchbackedness is the ideal design. Really, it is just a genetic quirk.

He creates a hunchbacked church, worships a hunchbacked god, and preaches to his hunchbacked masses. He builds a hunchback empire with a hunchback flag; a hunchbacked nation for a hunchbacked world.

Then, the hunchback meets one whose back is not hunched. What will he do? Will he renounce his religion? Will he kill the Straight Man?

That little paragraph is great Hamilton. Thanks for posting.