Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I'm not sure if these three pictures are real or if it's a sadistic prank made to freak-out drug addicts. The 4-methylaminorex and crystalline PCP are especially impressive as are the several thousand hits of LSD. At the very least it would appear he mixed up his coca leaves with some wrappers in a large foil envelope?

Maybe it's performance art: the spectacle of destroying a drug collection.

2011 Update: I have spoken with the man who once possessed this collection and it was indeed real and he did actually destroy it (at his girlfriend's behest).


Voldemort said...

Sildanefil powder? I am suspicious.

Ross. said...

I saw your Sapo Diaries.

It made me want/not want to go into the jungle.
The frontier of experience.
Where are you going next and what are you going to take while there?

Anonymous said...

Why have they included NOS in there, fischer price my first drug. This can't be a cop thing because that's not illegal... is it?