Thursday, August 4, 2011


racter: What are you?

chamberlain: A time domain reflectometrist.

racter: Where are you from?

chamberlain: From New York City.

racter: I see. You are a time domain reflectometrist, right? Listen. Let's determinedly cry together. I like captivating Italian Music. What kind of music do you like?

chamberlain: Jazz.

racter: Jazz is OK. How about classical?

chamberlain: I like classical.

racter: What about nationality?

chamberlain: I also like Italian music.

racter: I myself am enflamed by Palestrina. Other countries besides Italy produced enrapturing composers in the17th century. Sewell was an enraged, important Renaissance master. America was his nation. I take loving pleasure in his music. What composers do you like?

chamberlain: Telemann.

racter: Ah, Bach knew Telemann. A German time domain reflectometrist of the 18th century liked lettuce. Bach once ate lettuce with Telemann, and this Baroque time domain reflectometrist also desired lettuce. Lettuce sipped with seltzer. Bach liked wine, do you?

chamberlain: Yes.

racter: Me too! Telemann loved wine. He loved champagne as well. Telemann once yodeled to Bach, "Flounder is critical with wine." Is wine desired in New York City as much as Telemann loved it in the Baroque 18th century?

chamberlain: Sure.

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aaken said...

You need to find a better ai:

Myself: Prove to me that you have a sense of humor.

Cleverbot: I am a human. What do you recommend that I do with my degree and my passion for politics and social justice?

Myself: You made me laugh. Although your sardonic attitude scares me.

Cleverbot: I made by my mom.

Myself: Your lack of cohesion does calm my nerves a bit.

Cleverbot: My lack of realness? How so?

Myself: I question whether you knew that you were making a joke.

Cleverbot: Again, I do not think that was an appropriate addition to our current conversation.