Sunday, June 24, 2012


Doing so will aid a murder investigation. The music/muzak is playing in a diner/restaurant in 1983 either from the radio, a record, or television. The diner/restaurant was likely located in San Antonio or Castle Hills, Texas. As the recording currently stands it is not recognized by Shazam but a friend suggested running it though a program called izotope RX, which I do not have access to. Using a demo version of Sound Soap did not make the audio sufficiently clear to be recognized by Shazam. I have submitted it to reddit/r/classicalmusic without it being recognized by any users. Though one user suggested running it through a music search engine that allows you to identify pieces by tapping notes to the melody, but I don't have perfect pitch and was unable to identify the notes in the music fragments. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 


Wolfboy said...

You could try playing it to jazz/"golden oldies" fans instead of classical. It's got a kind of "pops" feel to it that suggests almost more of a big band vibe than pure classical. I'll play it to the guy that makes the nostalgia show at my work, and we'll see if he knows it.

casey said...

tried a very small part of it in that search engine by melody. i searched for a lot of the songs. no luck. it also sounds like something that would be the soundtrack to a movie from the 30s, which i'm not sure would be included in the search engine.

these were my results. the engine is very limited. the pertucci music library only has very traditional, dramatic classical music. none of it is as lighthearted as this song. the library of congress doesn't show anything after the 1880s, and in the duke university library (the library most likely of the 3 to have it since it includes a lot of old ballads and pop songs) there's really nothing after 1920 (though i looked anyway. kind of fun), which must mean the capabilities of the search engine probably just fall short of detecting something for which the sheet music isn't really popular, much like a generic love story soundtrack would be. i obviously could be all wrong about it being in a movie though. it'd help to know more about the actual diner and how they usually played music/if they played movies at all.

wish i could've been more help. good luck!!

Unknown said...

Sounds like the opening credits of an older film. Probably a children's movie from the sixties or seventies. Maybe even a comedy. Try to find a film connoisseur who specializes in that area.

kevin said...

I have izotope RX, but the audio sample you have here is muddled with so much other noise. It needs to be processed to both reduce noise and amplify the music-containing frequency bands. Hamilton, do you use instant messaging?