Wednesday, August 29, 2012


 A short story by Stanislaw Lem translated into the English for the first time
⌬ Unpublished pages from the laboratory notebook of Alexander Shulgin featuring the details of his first psychedelic synthesis
 A new short Story by David Ohle, author of Motorman
⌬ Unpublished pages from Timothy Leary's lost prison manuscript, The Periodic Table of Energy
⌬ An interview with a clandestine 2C-C chemist
A laser etched tribute to great medicinal chemists of the 20th century.


Unknown said...

Hamilton can you help me? I believe you wrote an article some time ago concerning the cultivation of 'magic mushrooms'. It focused on the cultivation of different strains and the secretive world around this. I don't believe it was the penis mushroom article or your Icelandic trip. If you have any idea could you post below, I just can't find it anywhere.

Unknown said...

Scratch that maybe it was the penis mushroom article,

Hamilton Morris said...

By Typing my name into the search engine Google along with the word "mushroom" you can find all of the work I have done related to mushrooms.

Unknown said...

I can't argue with that, looking forward to reading some of the new articles too.

Unknown said...
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