Saturday, March 2, 2013



Otanocnaz said...

is the guy on the left high on ketamine?

would explain why he's so boring.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

looking forward to the next episode

ketamine man smiles with mouth yet not eyes

you looked more liberated with the hair quiff in the other interview you did recently. found the latter more curious, thoughtful

Hamilton Morris said...

"ketamine man smiles with mouth yet not eyes"

I don't like it when people say cryptic things like this. Presumably the implication is that Adam Green is disingenuous or somehow less enlightened. Instead of making stamtets like, "smiles with [their] mouth yet not eyes" it is better to point out specific things you agree or disagree with.

Unknown said...

One really high guy with nothing interesting to say, one old guy trying to be hip, and Hamilton Morris actually saying something interesting beyond the stereotypical psychedelic bullshit the other two were spouting. Thanks Hamilton for actually saying something smart and interesting about this topic.