Sunday, January 19, 2014


I've been in the process of designing an experiment that requires precise control over the frequency and amplitude of sound waves and must encompass ultrasonic frequencies, ideally up to 70 kHz. I'm aware that is well outside the range of human hearing and closer to the frequencies used in ultrasonic cleaners. Many bird callers and electronic pest control devices advertise the ability to produce ultrasonic frequencies but it is unclear how much range these speaker possess and if they can be modified for other applications. I have also seen ultrasonic piezoelectric speakers that advertise frequencies up to 70kHz but I am uncertain, again, how limited their range is. Ebay is full of signal generators that can produce sine waves of almost any frequency but I believe these still require a transducer to convert the signal and are probably replaceable by various computer programs.

So this is my question: can anyone with a background in sound engineering or alike recommend a minimally expensive, maximally accurate system to produce pure tones of a precise frequency and amplitude (as well as ultrasound more generally) and a speaker to transmit them?


Luke said...

Plasma Speaker(s) most closely fill all of those criteria, if you don't mind building one. Good summary here:

Ickamus said...

I've found that you can create a similar effect with a small guitar amplifier by plugging one quarter inch cable all the way in to the input jack and half way into the headphone jack. It listens to itself and then amplifies all the tones there in as you play with all the tone, saturation and volume knobs.ay not be exactly what you are looking for but is a lot of fun to fuck with and even better if you run a delay or pitch shifter effect pedal in the signal chain.

Unknown said...
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VoxLumina said...

UTs (ultrasonic testers) use tranducers/transceivers up to 75MHz. I doubt that a manufacturing company would sell to a private individual or in a reasonable price range. Olympus, Krautkramer, NDT Systems, Modsonic are all companies worth looking into. It might be wise to find an NDT with UT1 or UT2 certification and talk to them about it.

Unknown said...

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George Mark said...

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Miles Bellas said...
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Miles Bellas said...

The image is from a "Tales of the Unexpected" episode by Roald Dahl who wrote Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, James and the Giant Peach etc... It is one of the more memorable episodes.

This lady describes how she built a "Cymatics Rig" : which may be similar ?

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