Wednesday, December 30, 2015


In 2013 I published a series of reports in Vice magazine on 5-Bromo-DMT, a sponge alkaloid with psychedelic activity in man. The potency was lower than DMT and the effect was less than spectacular, but the simple fact that the drug represented the first psychedelic isolated from the ocean (and only the ocean) made it fascinating. The article generated some modest discussion on drug forums and then interest faded away.

To my surprise and excitement, two years and seven months after the article's publication, 5-Br-DMT appeared for sale among the offerings of a research chemical vendor. I waited patiently for reports to appear on drug forums and Reddit but was only able to find a single report posted on October 30th by a user named Sporelock:
"I have tried this. It provided a thorough stoning effect, with the only visuals produced being colour saturation and mild waving or breathing, like a low dose of mushrooms or something, and that was at its most intense part. Its just nice an relaxing, and very smooth but light. This is not a breakthrough intensity experience like plain DMT or 5-MeO-DMT. I loaded around 50-65(?) mg into a pipe and shared it with two other friends, (this is a guess I didnt actually measure it because I knew its effects were very light and going too far is pretty difficult).Worth a try, and it doesn't exhaust you very much. You are totally functional and we were able to city bus down to a restaurant for a beer part way through the experience.......I was past the peak though and only had to talk while getting a beer. I didn't need to control my headspace around my friends at the bar though. Just a little extra focus while talking to the barkeep. Theres a minor headspace, but its manageable definitely.
...While its not super intense or overly active, it still is a DMT analogue. And all tryptamines have fucked up tolerance curves. Its like a once a week maximum thing to be honest. Im just assuming you smoke weed more than 1 time a week. plus weed will be far easier to find. It was nice to smoke weed and be on 5-br-dmt, but its just not feasible to always have it.
...If it combusts alot of the activity is lost, or so Ive heard. You need to get a crack pipe or an actualy vaporizer and hover your lighter under it until you see thin vapour forming and inhale those. Look online for proper use of a crack pipe."

I was unable to find additional reports and have no idea how many people have used this drug. Since the publication of the Vice article Jason Wallach and I have continued to study 5-Br-DMT and may write a followup piece. If you have used 5-Br-DMT please send me an email to tell me about your response, the more datapoints the better.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...


I am very interested in your work, experiences, wisdom, etc.

I am looking for some answers it seems like you could answer. I live in williamsburg brooklyn.

please email me if possible!

Jim Marven said...

Should I set it to a certain degree while it's heating and another degree while i hit it?
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Jaime said...

Hamilton, You need to update your blog more often... Just saying...

SirMetroMan said...

What are your thoughts on 4-aco-dmt Hamilton?

SirMetroMan said...

What are your thoughts on 4-aco-dmt Hamilton?

Unknown said...

Found your blogspot. I emailed you hoping to get a print from your stint in Mexico. Congrats again on the great show!

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Unknown said...

I have tried 5 bromo dmt. When I encountered the experience, I was overwhelmed with grief... after awhile, I became submersed in something I now call "psychedelic waters" where I am litterally inside the molecules of the ocean. It is not easily explained in a message. You will understand. Find me.

Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

Hey Hamilton

My name is Jacob and i wanted to ask you if youve heard about Phalaris genus grasses and their DMT contents, also the Arundo Donax (giant cane grass) as well has a very high concentration of DMT.

Ive been tossing around some study connections and came across reliefs of phalaris type looking grasses in egyptian mosaics depicting communication with higher entities worshipped and communicated with in those days.

Ive been studying plant medicines and the connections to fables and legends and have actually practiced some myself in private along my path.

Id like to connect with you or an associate via email or call me at 5313651565 i live in washington state. I think i may be able to spark some interest here through you guys but i need to be careful as hell. This type of knowledge ive noticed gets a LOT of negative attention sometimes

Im always careful. Never produce sell or distribute what i know. But its time i said something and maybe get sone real progress made on the mystery and history of plant medicines and the relation to psychedelic experiences and religious history. Like a correlation to st john and st johns wort. Think maybe he used the maoi in that in correlation to a dmt comnaining plant?
Kaneh-Bosm and its use in holy anointing oil?
Theres more.


Jacob S Frazier

Unknown said...

It seems that a lot of the mimosa and acacia species that contain psychoactive compunds have similar looking leaves.

Theres a reason though why they call them confusa and hostilis.